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WorkSource Jefferson County Affiliate


Jefferson Exterior

WorkSource Jefferson County Affiliate,

207 W Patison

Port Hadlock, WA 98339


 379-5036                 Employment Security Job Seeker and Employer Services 

 379-5024                 Workforce Investment Act Adult and Dislocated Worker services    

 379-4402                 Employment Security WorkFirst            

 379-5042                 Olympic Educational Services District #114  Workforce Investment Act Youth                                           Youth services, Pathways to Success




WorkSource Jefferson County Affiliate is located in Shold Business Park in Port Hadlock.

Washington State University and Peninsula College are also located in the same complex.

WorkSource partners include-Employment Security, Workforce Investment Act programs, Olympic Educational Services District #114, and Olympic Community Action Programs.


Programs and services available include:

·      Workforce Investment Act programs for Youth, Adults and Dislocated Workers

·      Access to Unemployment Insurance- a dedicated phone line to the Call Center

·      Job Search and Job Matching services

·      Employment Security Department WorkFirst program services

·      Resource Center with internet access, resume development software, a printer, free fax service and staff help with job search activities

·      Job Hunter classes with a computer lab

·      Job Listing services for Employers

·      Access to Job Corps and Ameri Corps information

·      Community Resources information

·      Information and access to Olympic Community Action Programs